Waking the Dead: 7 Questions with ‘The Vanishing Deep’ Author Astrid Scholte

If you could have your loved ones back for 24 hours after they’ve passed, would you?
Imagine this: the world is covered in water. There’s hardly any land left at all, save for a few islands here and there. Makeshift islands have been created from Old World buildings pulled up from the ocean for homes and a scarcity of jobs. Tempest lives on the makeshift island of the Equinox. After her parents died, it was just her and her sister, Elysea. Both were divers who scavenged dive sites of Old World buildings in the hopes of finding something valuable that they can trade in exchange for notes.
But when Tempest’s sister dies during a dive, she takes answers of their parents death; answers that Tempest is desperate for when she learns Elysea might be responsible for it. Luckily, in this desolate world, one small glimmer of hope remains: the dead can be revived once, and only for 24 hours, in order for the living to seek the closure that they need. After finding a plant deep beneath the surface, Tempest finally has enough money to revive Elysea. But will she get the answers she’s looking for or more than she bargained for?
Whew, talk about a STORY! This riveting new novel, The Vanishing Deep, comes from Australian YA writer Astrid Scholte and follows two people, Tempest and Lor, both guided by death as they navigate an adventure neither of them anticipated being on. It’s a story filled with twists and turns and an ending you didn’t see coming. We were given the chance to ask the author a few questions, so here we go!
The Vanishing Deep is finally out! How does it feel?
Wonderful! This book has been a part of my life since early 2017, and it was quite a journey to get here! I’m so excited to have it out in the world and here what people think. I’m very proud of this book!
What inspired the sunken cities and a world covered in water?
I wanted the setting of The Vanishing Deep to reflect the themes of life and death in the book. I also wanted the world to be essentially deceased. I’m drawn to the ocean and find it equally terrifying and alluring; I thought it would make for a unique setting.
G&C Note: The ocean is utterly terrifying, so we back this comment.
The idea that the dead can be resurrected for 24 hours, for a steep price, is intense. What was the catalyst for that aspect of the story?
I first got the idea back in 2015 after watching The Real Housewives of NYC. In one episode, one of the housewives said she wished she could have just one more day with her late husband. The idea stuck with me. What if you could have one more day? What would you do with that time and would it many any difference?
Did you feel any pressure after how successful your debut, Four Dead Queens, was last year?
Not really! I had written the book back in early 2017, before  Four Dead Queens came out, so I wasn’t affected by its release. Later on, I did worry that The Vanishing Deep was very different from 4DQ and hoped readers who enjoyed my first book would also enjoy my second.
Are you taking a break or are you already at work on your next book? Anything you can tell us?
A break? What’s that? 😉 I’ve actually written what I hope will be my third published book and I’m currently working on what I plan to be my fourth. All I can say about the third book is it was the quickest I’ve ever written a book (6 weeks) and it combines many things I love.
It’s still early in the year. What books are you most looking forward to this year?
I’m really looking forward to reading what Kerri Maniscalco writes next. I loved her Stalking Jack the Ripper series and the snippets of her new book look so intriguing!
And finally, any rumblings on Four Dead Queens being adapted?
Not yet! I think Four Dead Queens would make for a great TV series. Hopefully a studio will agree!
G&C Note: For what it’s worth, we totally agree that it would make a great limited series. Seriously, like, really great. Why haven’t you read it yet?
We want to thank Astrid Scholte for giving us a few minutes of her time to talk about her debut novel, Four Dead Queens, and her latest release, The Vanishing Deep, which is out TODAY! March 3rd, 2020!
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What are you waiting for? Get thee to your favorite bookseller and buy BOTH books! Now! NOW!
(Thank you to PenguinTeen for the advanced copy of The Vanishing Deep!)


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